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2016 AGM Minutes

posted Dec 9, 2016, 2:20 AM by Hume Boat Club

Hume Boat Club

Minutes of meeting held 10th August 2016

Commenced at 7.00pm


Attendance list attached.


G. Keen,

B Follington


D Medwell

R. Medwell

S. Paynter


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Moved:    G. Bennie        Seconded:    R. Davies

Commodore’s Report”

See attached.

Russell Huon thanked the precious committee for help throughout the season, Glen Lieschke and Greg Bennie for their work on the grounds. Dean Medwell, Rob Medwell and Joh Paynter for their continual work on the new gate and keys. The club has become quite popular for events by members, a few weddings have now used this facility and the club has had excellent feedback regarding the venue. It is a credit to the club and family functions appear to be on the increase, which is good to see.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer’s report and profit and loss were tabled as per attached.

    Balance of a/c as at 30/6/2016        $  9,954.67

    Income                    $19,394.14

    Expenses                    $20,259.71

    Net Loss                    $     865.57

    Major purchase for the season was the installation of the gate (total $5149).

    The club always tries to hold a balance of approx. $10,000 by the end of the season to help the new committee by not having to rush into fund raising. Also to be aware, the GMW lease is still to be invoiced which is approx. $3,900.

    Members    117

Moved:    R. Huon         Seconded:    J. Paytner

Committee election – positions declared vacant:

Commodore:        Ray Booth

            Moved: S. Coates        Seconded: R. Davies

Vice Commodore:    Scott Coates

            Moved: L. Huon        Seconded: T. Singe

Treasurer:        Deb Booth

            Moved: J. Bennie        Seconded: G. Humphrey

Secretary:        Tegan Bennie

            Moved: S. Coates        Seconded: J. Bennie

Boat Race/

Sports Mgr:        Joh Paynter

            Moved: L. Huon        Seconded: S. Jones

Committee:        Rob Davies            Steve Jones

            Greg Bennie            Jan Bennie

            Bill Ehlers            Lynda Huon

            Russ Huon

Membership Fees:

Jan advised memberships should be high this season as it appears we will have a decent supply of water. There were 20-30 members who did not resign up and so there are approx. $300 worth of keys/fobs out in the market not returned. Jan proposed an administration fee of $20 be charged to those who did not resign up or return fobs.

Joh Paynter proposed a new membership charge of $140, this included previous members who did not resign from the previous year but still held fobs. Renewal fee of $120 for members who continued to support the club.

Moved:    Joh Paytner        Seconded:    G. Humphreys

Unanimous vote by members present.

New renewal/application form to be forwarded as soon as possible to members to be able to re-activate fobs. Gate will be open over the school holidays for two weeks up until 30th September. Options of direct deposit still available for members.

Commodore’s newsletter to remind members to make sure name details are advised and to arrange payment during the week, not over the weekend so fobs can be activated prior to coming to the lake. Club will not be able to re-activate fobs outside of business hours.

Members are approved to bring in a friend with a boat for two visits, then it is expected that they will become a member of the club. Reliant on the honesty of the current club member to promote the club.

Hall Hire:

Currently $200 hire, $200 bond.

Members voted unanimously to keep costs as above.

18 birthday’s to be further discussed by incoming committee. Previously 18th’s have not been approved but will be available to members who have been part of the club for a minimum of 5 years continuous. An application will be dependent on approval of the committee. Strict regulations to be set, eg no social media, parents present at all times, local police advised, someone with RSA in attendance regarding consumption of alcohol by under 18’s. Security on gate and transport available to those who wish to return to Albury etc.

Boat Racing

Appears to be approx. 33 drivers, 28 boats for the next set of meetings. All is going to plan for the next meeting.


Committee to look at relocating the bbq next to the clubhouse or to look at some form of barricade/shelter. The bbq is too exposed and end’s up in a wind tunnel along the front of the clubrooms making it difficult to cook. To look at alternative locations, eg in the small covered area next to the kitchen. To be discussed.

Lower bbq – this is still popular to use over summer, need to look at a new gas bottle, bagging and painting the area, new plate and repairing the light.

Indoor Fireplace:

The current fireplace inside is over 30 years old and having difficulty drawing and many are unaware of how to use the vents. Committee to discuss replacing the fireplace, recommended to wait for summer specials or the other option is to put two split systems in to heat, this would take away the need for firewood etc, also helps that the club only gets charged 25% of any electricity that is used.

Watering System:

Committee to test over spring time once rains are finished as some pipes have rotted away and need to look at replacing to help over summer. Look at system at Sept and Oct meetings.

Meeting closed: 8.20pm

Hume Boat Club,
Dec 9, 2016, 2:24 AM
Hume Boat Club,
Dec 9, 2016, 2:22 AM