Hall Reservations

Current bookings

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October 2020 - HBC Horsepower on the Hume

Sunday 6th December 2020 - Rotary Christmas Carols

Friday 12th March 2021 - Private Event

The club house is available for club members to access and use at any time. For special occasions, members only may secure exclusive use of the clubhouse including hall, kitchen and barbecue area. Members are asked to make a donation to the club of $200.00 + a $200.00 bond refundable after inspection for cleanliness and damage. We can't do 18th or 21st post deb ball parties etc due to dramas in the past with security, property and neighbours. Email our administrator if you aren't sure if your event is likely to be viewed in this category. Your possible event can mentioned at the next committee meeting on the second Tuesday of each month


  1. Complete the online enquiry / Reservation form below (please use smart phone, PC not currently working).
  2. Make payment to the Hume Bank account on the form. 
  3. Receive Confirmation from HBC. (Phone or email as per your preference on booking form)
  4. Check the hall prior to your event and clean to your level of satisfaction if required.
  5. Have an awesome wedding/birthday party/anniversary/family reunion or whatever out by the water.
  6. After your event and inspection, security deposit is refunded via EFT to your nominated bank account

We have a few rules to make life better for us all.

  • Payment to be made when submitting reservation form. If for some reason there is a date clash, denial of the event or cancellation, refund will be made promptly
  • No eighteenth or 21st birthday parties
  • Hall, toilets and surrounds to be left clean and tidy. The club committee are all members like you, volunteering their time to keep the club running. It is not their responsibility to clean the hall for your event. Every effort is made to keep the club rooms tidy and cleaned periodically. We ask members to check the hall before their event and sweep or wipe down benches/windows if required.
  •  Rubbish to be rationalised into as few bins as possible and rolled out the front (left of drive) for collection. The club is charged by our local council for each bin emptied.
  •  Excessive noise consideration is to be given to residential neighbours. Especially after midnight.
  • Damage to the hall - you break it, you fix it
  • To keep our shore line glass free, glass containers are discouraged. Members and guests who bring glass to the club are to take it away with them.

HBC Hall Reservation